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Nigeria Adopts Virtual Crude Oil Evacuation System to Combat Theft and Vandalism

Nigeria don adopt virtual crude oil evacuation system to tackle theft and vandalism

April 2, 2024

Di Federal Government of Nigeria don introduce one virtual means to evacuate crude oil, wey dey use barges and trucks for transportation from production points to injection/storage points, with di aim to reduce losses wey dey happen as pipeline dey spoil and stop dey work.

Dis Alternative Crude Oil Evacuation System (ACOES) dey try solve di big challenge wey crude oil theft and pipeline vandalism dey cause, wey dey make Nigeria lose plenty money every year, wey reach trillions of naira.

The Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC) don present dis innovative approach for one recent briefing wey dem call “Stability in the Nigerian Energy Sector: Integrated Strategies for Infrastructure, Transportation, and Security.”

Di adoption of ACOES show say dem dey change strategy for how dem go carry crude oil from one place to another, as dem dey move from traditional pipelines to something wey go fit strong and secure well.

Dis ACOES involve collaboration with industry people to make sure say dem dey transport crude oil well and secure. As dem dey use trucks and barges, di system dey flexible and fit save money, especially for new people wey dey enter di industry, like Petroleum Prospecting Licence (PPL) holders during Extended Well Test and early production phases.

One of di big advantage of ACOES na di ability to provide temporary solution for crude oil evacuation, especially for areas wey no get permanent infrastructure like pipelines or export terminals yet.

Dis temporary solution fit make sure say production dey go on well and revenue no dey lost while dem dey develop permanent evacuation infrastructure.

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