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Israel Netanyahu Don Reject The Peace Agreement Wey Hamas Bin Dey Suggest

February 8, 2024

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talk say e no agree with the ceasefire way Hamas talk, say dem fit get “total victory” for Gaza inside few months. Dis talk happen after Hamas give conditions as response to one ceasefire wey Israel talk.

Netanyahu talk say dem negotiations with Hamas “no dey go anywhere” and he call their conditions “bizarre.” People still dey talk to see if dem fit agree for one deal.

People bin dey expect say Israel go reject Hamas response, but dis response wey Israel talk na complete rejection. Israeli officials dey see am say Hamas dey try end the war for their own terms, and dem no fit accept am at all.

Some of the things wey Hamas talk na to exchange people wey dem catch for prisoners wey dey Gaza, make dem fit build Gaza again, make Israeli soldiers commot fully, and make dem end the war after three 45-day truce periods.

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