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Dem Don Catch Suspected Gunman For Lunar New Year Mass Shooting

January 25, 2023

The US state of California dey enter confusion mode from dea third group shooting under eight days after one man shoot seven former fellow workers wey dey south of San Francisco.

The attack happen for the seaside city of Half Moon Bay, and dem believe say all the pipo dem shoot throwey be Chinese-American farm workers. Dem handcuff the 77-year-old person dem dey use corner eye look, Zhao Chunli, after e drive go one olopa station.

 Dis matter dey happen as the state dey mourn the killing of 11 pipo wey happen for Monterey Park during the new year jollification. And just after one week, dem peme six persons including one young mama and her pikin for one property for Goshen, central California.

 California Governor, Gavin Newsom don drop for him twitter page say him dey one hospital meeting with the pipo wey dis early group shooting affect when dem call am come one corner to yarn am of the second attack, e con dey talk say dis matter na just “disaster upon disaster”.

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